F100-135: Grade B – Quick Connect Collar

The Pet Necklace Quick Connect collars are designed to coordinate with other collars and leashes available from The Pet Necklace.  A quick connect collar has two ends which are fastened together using a heavy duty quick clip connector

The following are a few details on quick connect collars:

  • Collar webbing - Heavyweight polypropylene - Provides low stretch, especially when wet, and good strength ratio (900lb test)
  • Collar buttons - made from pewter 
  • Quick Connect clip - heavy plastic clip for fastening the two ends of the collar together
  • D-Ring - heavy metal d-ring for connecting leash and tags
  • Fabric protectant - before product assembly a pet friendly protective coating is added to the fabric. This coating provides for additional durability and allows the resulting product to be cleaned in the washing machine (on gentle cycle and hung dry).
  • Monogramming (optional) - allows you to add your pet's name, nickname, your phone number...etc
  • Swarovski Crystals (optional) - adds a little bling 

Important Notes:

  • A Pet Necklace Designer will choose the following to coordinate with the chosen fabric:
    • Color for monogramming.  The color will be chosen to coordinate yet contrast the chosen fabric.
    • Number of swarovski crystals.

For customizations or special requests, please contact us.

The image below shows an example of a quick connect collar.  Note: the fabric for your collar will based on the fabric swatch image above.

F100-135: Grade B – Quick Connect Collar

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